Three Ways to Confront the World the Way Jesus Did

We live in an increasingly confrontational culture. More and more of our political leaders are taking to twitter causing an avalanche of responses. Technology has given us unprecedented access to each other and equally unprecedented angry conversations. Millions have entered the fray. In the cultural morass that is our world, how do Christians confront a […]

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Powerful Morning Prayers

Seven Prayers to Start Your Day with God

Are you a morning person? We live in a culture that is increasingly time conscious. We realize that we cannot create time, we can only manage what we fill it with. No matter what your schedule looks like — No matter what time your day starts and ends — it’s important to start it with […]



Five Ways to a Gentle Life

The 20th Century was one of the most violent periods in human history. Plagued by two world wars, genocide, infanticide, and holocaust just to name a few, the last century was one we’d like to forget. Jesus called for a gentler way of life. First and foremost, he called us to love each other. How […]

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5 Helpful Reminders for Those Who are Suffering

Mental health is big news these days. Advocacy groups are working hard to secure the rights of those who suffer from debilitating mental health issues. Unfortunately, there is still a silencing stigma associated with mental health. Where is the church? What would Jesus do for the person suffering from poor mental health?   Jesus and […]

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Five Things to Remember When Feeling Overwhelmed

Feeling overwhelmed is a natural part of life. Even Jesus felt overwhelmed at times. Expectations, responsibilities, relationships, work, family — it can be debilitating when it all seems to be going poorly. It can bring overwhelming anxiety, frustration, anger, and even depression. But dwelling on those feelings is dangerous.   Five Things to Remember If […]

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Five Ways to Not Let Life Pass You By

It’s hard to live in the now. Life is moving so quickly these days that it seems to zoom by at head-spinning speed. In spite of that, now is all we’re guaranteed. How can I change that? How can I make sure that life doesn’t pass me by?   Living in the Now I’ve never […]

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Four Christian Reflections on Violence

Fifty people died in shooting attacks last Friday at the Al Noor and Linwood mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. Another fifty were wounded. Our world seems to be dying in a sea of violence and hatred. What did Jesus really say about the kind of systemic hatred and violence that seems to be engulfing our […]

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Three BIG Problems with Cheating

The college entrance cheating scam has probably just scratched the surface. If it was happening at the elite universities so far discovered, it’s probably happening at others. Some are justifiably outraged. I think a lot of people are shrugging their shoulders and saying, no big surprise. Money doesn’t talk – it screams. What did Jesus […]



Find Strength for Living by Meditating on God's Word

Some conservative Christians are fearful of practicing meditation because of the central role it plays in many near eastern mystical religions. The New Age movement hit America by storm and scared Christians away from the Christian discipline of meditation. Meditation is simply the act of thinking deeply on one thing. Don’t overcomplicate it.   Meditation […]



Seven Ways to Practice Celebration

The latest polls indicate that the popularity of Jesus is on the rise, while that of his followers is in rapid decline. The world looks at Christians and doesn’t see anything very attractive. In part, there are too many angry Christians who walk around with a frown on their faces. That’s unfortunate because one of […]